Industrial Scars is the work of environmentalist and photographer, J Henry Fair, who brings our attentions to the tragic effects created by human impact on our planet. At first, his photographs are mesmerisingly beautiful: taken at bird's eye perspective from a small plane, their shapes, colours and details give them an aesthetic quality that entrance and capture the imagination, yet concern and horror creep in on the realisation of the true reality of the subject.


Bill McKibben Founder
One of the great thinkers and actors on climate change. With his organization, he has collaborated with scientists to disseminate knowledge and recommend sensible action. A former staff writer for The New Yorker, he writes frequently for a wide variety of publications around the world, including The New York Review of Books, National Geographic, and Rolling Stone.

Lewis Smith Writer, Journalist
Has written for UK nataional newspapersfor more than 20 years, among them, The Independent, and The Times. He specialises in the environment and science, and has written two award-winning popular science books Why the Cheetah Cheats and Why the Lion Grew Its Mane.

Matt Kierstead Industrial Historian
An authority on extractive and metallurgical industrial processes, he has surveyed, documented and interpreted historic mining, smelting and manufacturing sites as part of cultural resources impacts mitigation for US Federal and state agencies and private environmental and engineering contractors.

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